Embattled PM throws in the towel after emergence of secret arms deal

The mother of all scandals is how state broadcaster RTL broke the news. And what a scandal it is.

Leaked reports from the Ministry of Peace has revealed that a massive arms deal was struck with the Kingdom of the Capricas earlier this month. Upwards of £80m worth of arms and military minifigs were sold to what the government of the Empire of Legoland has only recently termed a “rogue state” and “military threat”. To add additional spice, the deal has contravened the government’s very own arms embargo it placed on the kingdom last month.

For Obnoxious Consensus, it was the proverbial straw that broke the camel’s back. In power since 2006, the New Brick Order leader has lead the Empire from boom to boost in 5 years of reign.
Consensus denied today’s decision was related to the arms deal, claiming it was the changing face of politics that has forced his hand.

“The unjustified witch-hunt of my party colleagues over 2 years by the opposition-controlled media has made me realise that politics is no longer honourable. I have no doubt that this latest conspiracy was designed to oust me, yet let it be known, I walked, I did not get pushed! Negative campaigning and hyperbole have reached new heights yet they did not defeat me.”

Before being whisked away, the Empire’s once second most powerful minifig gave a parting shot at whistleblowers. “Whoever gave the media this ammunition needs to take a good look at their self and ask, are they even plastic?”