Empire Police show off new fleet of armoured vehicles to assist policing townships

The Empire Police have unveiled their new Legoda Bracket armoured cars to the media at a showing in the Legoland capital today. The Empire’s largest police force illustrated the vehicle’s capabilities at the demonstration held in Myplan with assistance from the manufacturer Legoda Motors.

The cars measuring 4 studs wide by 10 in length are a significant improvement on the previous model, the Legoda Black Standard, according to security analysts at De La Sal.

“The new model has some major improvements including a windshield grille to protect the glass from missile throwing yobs. The skirting at the sides prevent objects from being thrown underneath while the thick armour plated sides add additional security for the occupants”.

The new units also see a significant move away from the traditional black and white livery used by police vechicles in the past. Empire Police chief Biggus Piggus commented that this was not a rebranding exercise but a “simple step to make the force more visible”.

Meanwhile the Empire Police have confirmed that 400 Blacktron personnel will be made redundant in the coming months as part of cost cutting measures.