War-torn PBR looks to boost farming to reduce dependency on food imports

The government of the PBR have instigated a new farming policy aimed at dramatically boosting production in the domestic agricultural sector aimed at reducing the PBR’s reliance on foreign foodstuffs.

According to the state news agency, the nation’s ruling class have commenced a programme that will see military bases once owned by the recently defeated rebel forces bulldozed and converted into farm land.

The developments have worried some observers closer to home with farming groups expressing concern and requesting Prime Minister Obnoxious Consensus puts pressure on the PBR not to stop importing foodstuffs from the Empire. However, a spokesfig for Consensus says farmers have nothing to worry about. ”

We won’t press the PBR on anything, it is not our policy to interfere with other countries’ domestic issues. Nevertheless, we are confident that the PBR will still import high quality produce from across the Empire.”