Government brokers peace deal with Legoban

Government officials have confirmed this morning that a peace deal has been struck with Legoban insurgents after secret talks during the week. With no government ministers willing to comment, a spokesfig for General Secretary Obnoxious Consensus said that Minister for the Interior, Mr Devious the Nucleus, had personally signed the deal on behalf of the state. A number of Legoban chiefs signed on behalf of the rebels.

Elaborating on the developments, the spokesfig said that more details of the deal would be released at a later date but a number of demands by the Legoland government had been accepted by the Legoban. These included halting all attacks on government forces in the state controlled areas of the Castleland Autonomous Province, ending attacks on goods convoys travelling along the main arteries in the region and withdrawing support for Al-Medahyin.

When questioned about the demands made by the Legoban which had been accepted by the government as part of the deal, the spokesfig was far less forthcoming. “We will release further details soon. They aren’t too significant”. Pressed further he admitted that the Legoban would retain absolute control of whole swathes of Castleland.

There were also concessions on the cultural side with the state agreeing to prohibit the widespread use of “classic” names among citizens of the empire residing outside Castleland. Such names typically end in the suffixes “us” or “um”. “The Legoban consider these names to be essential parts of the fabric of Castleland society and culture and grimace at their adoption by modern day Townfigs, figs the Legoban consider to be ‘plastic classics’, that is, fake classics”.

The spokesfig did say however that famous figs, such as General Secretary Obnoxious Consensus himself, would “not be changing their names”. He also confirmed that since the start of last November, 117 Legoland troops have died in Castleland.

The Legoban will remain in control of nearly 30% of Castleland according to analysts. The group are fighting for the Empire to return to what they term the “Classic Castle era”, a time when modern-day culture is washed away.