Obnoxious Consensus tells the country he “ain’t going nowhere”

General Secretary Obnoxious Consensus has refused to step aside despite only narrowly surviving yet another motion of no confidence tabled against himself and his New Brick Order cabinet by leading opposition parties.

The attempted defeat of the government was spearheaded by the Legoland Communists in conjunction with the EDB and the Effective Minifig Union but the coalition was defeated by 2 votes thanks to Legoland First’s overwhelming support for the government. The far-right party is expected  to seek some reward from the NBO having saved its skin this time.

Speaking to a huge gathering of reporters outside the White House press office, Consensus said he would lead the nation out of its current troubles and into a new era of prosperity. “We lead the country during the boom years of 2006 and 2007 so it is ridiculous to think we cannot overcome this current downturn. In any case, sorry to disappoint the Communists and their friends but I ain’t going nowhere.”

Consensus also responded to suggestions from the three leaders of the PBR that living in the PBR may be better than living in Legoland because unemployment there is only 7%, contrasting to Legoland’s massive jobless rate now approaching 50%. “As I mentioned earlier in the week, the stark fact is that minifigs in rouge third world states like the PBR are happy to work in meaningless jobs such as polishing pebbles”.

The leader of Everyone Deserves Bricks, Dr Maximus Generous, however rejected Consensus’s comments. “PBR and Legoland minifigs are made of the same acrylonitrile butadiene styrene plastic” said Dr Generous. He added, “I believe unemployed minifigs in Legoland would prefer to polish pebbles if they thought the pebbles had a chance at being thrown at Consensus.”

Consenus responded to his opponents by describing them as “clowns in suits” saying that if elections were held now the voters would see through them “like the way one can see through a jellyfish”.  Most observers are claiming that Consenus and his NBO party would face a hammering in the polls if elections took place under current economic conditions.

The Minifig Times’ political affairs correspondent Incorruptus Informus says that Consensus and the NBO may not have long left in power if the anger on the streets of the nation’s towns and cities persist. “Something concrete must be done but there doesn’t seem any easy solution. An economic stimulus package could work but the problem here is that the state’s coffers are empty and the Legoland and international banks are unwilling to make credit available.”