UTN welcomes Plasticland Empire withdrawal after country wraps up exploitation

The Union of Toy Nations Secretary General Corpus Missingus has praised Plasticland Empire ruler Emperor Mal Mor after he announced the decision to withdraw all Plasticland Empire troops from New Paperland.

The decision by Emperor Mor will see New Paperland reclaim independence after a brutal invasion and conquest that began on October 3rd. It is understood that Plasticland Empire has decided that the state is useless now having plundered the vast majority of its resources in the last 2 months.

According to the UTN, most New Paperland towns have villages were sacked in the invasion including Flipsen, Loranne, Duseldam, Branad, Esran, Hangate and Pula, and efforts to rebuild these will commence following the complete withdrawal of Emperor Mor’s forces.

“We hope all toy nations will help New Paperland and provide aid to the survivors”, said the UTN Secretary General.

There have been calls from some nations for the UTN to impose sanctions on the Plasticland Empire but Secretary General Missingus expressed the belief that people should forgive Plasticland Empire as they are now leaving of their own free will.

“The invasion was in the past, we need to look forward to the future, quit living in the past”, he said to a rapturous applause at the UTN Hall Of Nations in Chessland City. Nevertheless, Missingus’s comments were received somewhat less warmly in the ruins of Paperland City, where survivors of the invasion called for him to be beheaded.