Government confirms a £67.8m Christmas gift of trees and weapons is on its way

The Government of the Legoland Imperial Republic has announced that £67,815,000 has been allocated to purchase new Lego in early January 2008.The main beneficiaries are the nation’s military and environmentalists.

Government publication, Brick Politik, revealed that the Legoland Republican Guard will be receiving 3 LRG T-11 Mammoth tanks. The tanks, are considered Legoda’s latest in efficient war technology and will create 12 additional jobs at the automobile manufacturing plant.

The new equipment will help strengthen the nation’s army, which according to independent analysts, is in much need of an upgrade. Legoland’s unsuccessful attack on Duplostan in the Autumn proved this point say many observers.

Green groups are also rejoicing after the expenditure includes 60 new trees to be planted to rejuvenate Legoland’s woodlands.

The decision by politicians to allocate money to the environment was welcomed by Greenpeace spokesman Census the Celery.  “With the ever growing evidence of climate change in Legoland we need more trees to eat up all the carbon being produced. This is a welcome development”.

The Legoland construction industry is also expected to receive a boost however the particulars are likely to remain unknown until January, Brick Politik reported. Is spending money on trees, money which could be spent on weapons, a big waste of the Republic’s cash?