Government minister denies being racist after comments on Playmobil people

The Minister for Sports, Education and Drugs, Mr Crazy-us Broadside, has refuted claims by the Legoland Communist Party that he is a “racist”. The LCP accused Mr Broadside of being “a blatant racist” after he called for any Playmobil residents of the Imperial Republic to be expelled and sent to “where they came from” or “a concentration camp”.

LCP spokesperson Luigi Bolix said that Mr Broadside should resign or be expelled from the current New Brick Order Party. “He is making out that Playmobilians don’t have mini-fig rights and to me that stinks of bigotry. Broadside should walk the plank.”

Mr Broadside claimed however that the Communists would do exactly the same if they were in power and accused Bolix of only pretending to not dislike Playmobilians.

“No normal Lego man likes Playmobil so if Mr Bolix does then we know what his mind is like, without even having to do a lobotomy”. “I shall not resign as I have done nothing wrong and I believe the Emperor has full confidence in me”, he added.

However, according to sources close to the Emperor, the ruler of Legoland does not want to be drawn into party politics as he is busy focusing on his vacation at the Winter Palace. According to the Lego News daily, the Emperor wants to relax after his holiday in Bygiria.