Legoland Republic may invade distant land in so-called “minifigitarian intervention”

The Legoland Republic’s top army brass are considering whether to invade a newly discovered rogue state situated somewhere in the New World and help a key warlord, Chief Carl, crush his main rival Chief Henry.

According to sources close to the military, the secretive state is so secret that outsiders are yet to discover its official name. In an editorial in today’s UASL Global newspaper, Legoland’s military intelligence gathering was brought into question and the paper warned the government not to get bogged down in other land’s affairs. “Legoland would be extremely foolish to invade a country when it doesn’t even know its name, nevermind its culture”, the paper said.

The tabloid also added that, “although the Republic has one of the largest armies in the world, their performances in the theatre of war during the Treedon conflict was alot to be desired”. The war with Treedon resulted in over 700 deaths and resulted in the breakaway Lego state of Treedon gaining independence from the Republic.

In December of last year, Legoland was nearly pulled into war with Playmobil after the Playmobilian leader, President Bouwers, threatened to attack Legoland over the Emperor’s decision to reintroduce slavery. The potential war was however diverted when Playmobil backed down.

NTL News reported that information from the government has been slow today as the Emperor and most of his top generals have gone on a 2 week holiday to Fort Sabre in the Caribbean and the army is currently on leave to watch some international football friendlies.

Some dissent to the proposal to send troops to the unknown state has been gathering among some of Legoland’s political parties. The Communists and the Green Party have labelled the idea “absurd”, whilst the far-right Legoland First party has called for a debate on whether an invasion would benefit the Republic.