Trouble erupts as state broadcaster airs LEGOVision Song Contest against wishes

Violence has errupted outside the RTE television studios following the decision by the state broadcaster to air the 4-hour long tripe session that is the LEGOVision Song Contest.

According to the broadcasters, up to 50 people attacked the station’s studio with bricks and beer bottles, some of which were even full.

The Legoland Times believes that sources close to the Emperor have stated that the dictator personally arranged for the violence after RTE failed to ask permission to run the show. It is understood that the Emperor would have not allowed the programme to be shown.

The Empire Police have said they have detained the RTE directors and intend on charging them with willful incitement to violence. Police Spokesman, Mr Biggus Piggus, slammed the decision by the directors and editors of RTE saying that “prison was invented for such fools”.

Meanwhile, Plasticland Empire’s entry ‘Kill all Playmobilers’ is expected to win the competition which no one is watching.