Slobs go one clear as Legoland FC slip up on proverbial banana skin in Castleland

The Footballing Celebs have gone one point clear in the Legoland Football League tonight despite having been held in a 2-2 draw with Legoland United in the capital. Goals from Fat Frank Lampard and Joao Pinto gave Celebs a crucial point and dealt a severe blow to Legoland United’s title challenge this season. United now find themselves nine points behind the leaders after blowing yet another chance to close the gap with their umpteenth cock-up of the campaign.

Meanwhile across town, United’s arch rivals Legoland FC were themselves dealt a blow after Simone Perrotta’s late strike for Roma sealed a 1-0 defeat for the champions. LFC are nonetheless only a single point off the pace and will be confident of bouncing back next weekend as they welcome bottom side Robin Ravers to the intimidating Partizan stadium in Legoland City. However, according to sources close to the LFC Board, manager Claudio Ranieri will likely be sacked should the Blues fall any further behind the league leaders in the next two games.

In other games, third placed Juventus were held to a scoreless draw in a disappointing game against Parma, Republic continued their great form with a 2-0 win over Lion Lakers and Inter Police’s recovery continued with a 3-1 away win at Ajax Skerries.

At the bottom of the table a Fat Ronaldo inspired AC Milan claimed a crucial 1-0 win in Rome against Lazio whilst Robin Ravers shock win over Emperor Eagles saw the Red Eagles’ crazy coach Walter Novellino brand his players a “bunch of overweight and overpaid ballerinas”.