Ronaldo signs for Legoland FC and AC Milan in historic shared-player deal

Former Legoland United forward Ronaldo has agreed to join AC Milan until the remainder of the season before joining reigning champions Legoland FC in Legoland City. Ronaldo has reportedly signed after a £17.5m deal was agreed between the three sides. AC Milan will fork out £3m to have the privilege of fielding the Gardinian international for the final nine games of the season. For next season he will line out for the Blues who have stumped up £14.5m for the player.

The huge deal also sees AC Milan have first option to buy the forward for a set fee of £10m should Legoland FC decide to sell the player within in the next two seasons. Another clause sees Roma have first option to buy Daniele De Rossi for a set fee of £6m

Across town, Legoland United manager Mr United called Legoland FC’s new signing “a United flop”. Speaking to reporters after a training session the Reds’ manager said that his former player never quite made it in Legoland. “The fat Ronaldo is a major flop, you would have to be an idiot to buy the walking sausage after his performances for us” he concluded.