UEFA to consider granting Higginsland clubs entry into competitions

UEFA have announced today that they will be commencing an internal debate on whether to grant Higginsland membership of the international footballing community. UEFA, who run the a number of international football competitions between regional nations including the UEFA Champions League and UEFA Cup, will meet in Legoland City on Friday. According to sources close to the organisation, it is expected that Higginsland will be welcomed into the football “League of nations”.

Top clubs in Higginsland which are expected to be granted licenses to operate include Seagulls FC, Chelvt, Castles FC, Eggward FC, Cherdem, Charville, Damnlow, Adsrus, Eggnog United, Eggdale and Xtran. A number of clubs including Arsenal may not be granted licenses as their franchises are already owned by the Eland Football Association