Ronaldo ‘not even close’ to joining Legoland FC according to player’s agent

Legoland FC have refused to comment after the agent of Gardinian international striker Ronaldo claimed his client “has not signed” for the champions and remains a Roma player. Agent Daylite Robbus told reporters that Ronaldo has “no intention” of playing for the Blues unless they up their annual wage offer from £3m to £5m.

He added that Ronaldo “needs money to get motivated” and “lots” of it because “trips to the Ristorante are expensive”.

According to football analysts, should this be true, Legoland FC are unlikely to sign the player anytime soon. Respected Lego News journalist Loadus Shittus said that in his opinion “LFC are unlikely to do another ‘Raul'”, a reference to the “blunder” the capital club made by agreeing to pay the Bygirian a massive £8m per season when they signed him from Black Fortress Barbarians. The massive a wage ended up nearly bankrupting the club.

So far there has been no reaction from either Legoland FC coach Claudio Ranieri nor his counterpart at Roma, Luciano Spaletti, and the Fat Ronaldo himself is believed to be in hiding.