ND Land King sells football side Lazio to businesswoman in likely corrupt deal

Serie A side Lazio have been sold to ND Land businesswoman Mrs Sega for an undisclosed fee believed to be in the region of £40m. Mrs Sega now owns both Lazio and Gardinia East football clubs.

Supporters of Lazio believe that the take-over can only help the club as the previous owner, King Noel, seemed disinterested in the side. According to RTE football pundit Bosco, Lazio “might soon be safe. I’m five.”

The announcement of the sale came from Mrs Sega, who released the following statement to the media.

“I am delighted to announce that we have reached an agreement with King Noel to purchase Lazio. I look forward to a bright and successful future with the club and I will do everything in my power to ensure that the club can preserve their Serie A status this season.

I understand that this is a particularly tough time for Lazio but there is great potential within the club to become a driving force throughout the world of football.

I thank the fans of both Lazio and Gardinia East for their patience during the last few weeks.”