Investigation into strange Taribello switch begins following complaints from fans

An investigation into the transfer of Alex Taribello from Albern to AS Roma has begun following complaints made by supporters of the ND Land side in a letter to the NDFA. The transfer surprised many, when Albern sold Taribello for a hugely cut price of around £20m after paying reportedly almost 4 times that price in a part exchange deal with Legoland United.

The NDFA has announced that there will be an investigation into the transfer. “The NDFA will thoroughly investigate claims made by a number of supporters that improper procedures occurred during the transfer of Alex Taribello to Roma”. Supporters have expressed their anger at Albern’s president for the sale of the star player, and many believe that they were “ripped off” by such a deal.

The NDFA confirmed that it will investigate a number of other transfers to determine the legality of the transfers.