Regional cities battle for funds after £200m stadium development package rumoured

It was announced today that the Town Councils of Legoland Town, ND Town and Turin are battling each other to secure stadium redevelopment funds from the Government of the Legoland Republic. It is understood that grants of up to £200m are up for grabs in “football aid”.

According to the Lego News newspaper, the Legoland Town Council have submitted plans to redevelop the town’s 25,000 Imperial Stadium, an arena which is famous for being the home of many of the nation’s older club sides. The city Councils of Turin and ND Town meanwhile have more ambitious plans with redevelopment of the 69,000 capacity Stadio Delle Alpi and 82,000 Stadio Olimpico proposed.

The Stadio Delle Alpi is currently home to two of the top sides in the country, the Footballing Celebs and Juventus, and this is may well sway any decision in Turin’s favour. ND Town’s Stadio Olimpico is home to the Roman giants AS Roma and Lazio.