Legoland FC Slam ‘Biased Pollsters’ And ‘Big Celebs Plot’

Legoland FC have hit out strongly at a poll conducted by The Legoland Times online website in which 100% of those who voted have called for the club to be deducted points for recent crowd trouble by their supporters. LFC’s Public Relations man Daniele Massaro called those who voted for his club to be punished as “blind biased pollsters” with “no braincells”.

At a press conference at the LFC Head Office in the Legoland capital, Massaro claimed that those who voted in the poll where “probably twisted United supporters” and the whole poll was a “big Celebs plot” to destroy the reputation of Legoland Football Club. Massaro pointed to the fact that the The Legoland Times publishing group is owned by Mr Prints who is also the President of SuperLeague club the Legoland Footballing Celebs. According to Massaro, The Legoland Times’ “pro-Celebs bias” is also clearly “obvious” in this poll.

The recent rioting by LFC fans following the club’s 0-0 draw with Marino saw one civilian killed after being set upon by LFC’s notorious Ultras, a group of hard-core hooligans. The riots lasted 3 nights with dozens injured and over 50 arrested. Following the trouble, there were calls from a number of clubs in the League to punished LFC through points deductions and fines. The current poll being run by The Legoland Times gives those polled the following options for punishment: (1) a written and verbal warning, (2) fined a months income from ticket receipts, (3) forced to play some home games behind closed doors, (4) deducted points or (5) no punishment.

The Legoland Football Association have stated that they will not rule out a points deduction and are set to meet next week to discuss what action to take. According to independent football analysts, a points deduction against LFC is extremely unlikely given that LFC are second in the SuperLeague table and there is no precedence whereby a club has been punished for crowd trouble. The LFA have often also been accused of helping LFC survive relegations and win tournaments, an allegation the body strenuously denies.