What Would I Do? Show taken off the air following Jesus detention

Jesus was severely "fig-handled" in the arrest

Jesus was severely “fig-handled” in the arrest

Controversial demagogue Jesus has been arrested by the Mind Police and his talk-show What Would I Do? taken off the air the Entertainment Gold television network has confirmed.

The former independent politician and cult figure is being interrogated by officials at the Ministry of Information this evening.

Detectives from the Mind Police earlier raided the offices of Entertainment Gold before escorting the bearded fig by the hair.

It is now believed that the branch of the Empire Police tasked with protecting the public from the dissemination of lies had been monitoring Jesus around the clock following speculation he was harbouring subversive thoughts.

Their suspicion was apparently confirmed during Jesus’ Thursday night show where he told one guest “I’ve changed my mind”.

No stranger to controversy, ‘JC’ has he is known to his fans, could face a prison term if deemed a risk to public safety but Entertainment Gold programme editor Jules Bloomfield was optimistic things would not go that way.

“We’re hoping Mr Christ is released soon and the show’s broadcasting approval is reinstated.”