Empire says No to laughable Caprican demands

Laughter as famous "5 Point Plan" contains just 4 points

Laughter as famous “5 Point Plan” contains just 4 points

The government has confirmed it will not accept any of the demands contained within the Caprican state’s much hyped “5 Point Plan”. Addressing a packed Hall of Minifigs, Prime Minister Julian Halliday explained to the house that the government had no choice but to reject the farcically arrogant demands from the Caprican basketcase, demands which he termed “absurd”.

“We do not accept demands imposed on us by foreign minifigs. We came into the talks with an open mind, but with a mind of our own. We did not come to be lectured by inferior powers.” On a more lighter note, the hall errupted into laughter when the Government confirmed that the Caprican 5 Point Plan contained just 4 points.

Shortly after, the Ministry of External Affairs issued a short announcement indicating that the government is still more than willing to continue talks. “The Empire seeks mutual cultural acceptance between nations and believes that dialogue is the way to achieve this goal.”