Scientists marvel at evolutionary discovery as new minifig species found in Playmobil

The “discovery of the decade” is how scientists are labelling the detection of a new minifig species in the nadirs of the Playmobilian Andonien rainforest. An expeditionary team of scientists ventured into the remotest corner of the kingdom and uncovered the existence of the Pandor tribe, a tribe comprising of solely entirely brown skinned minifigs whom anthropologists have termed “negfigroes” due to their similarities with the recent phenomenon of “nigfig” plastic surgery requests.

The negfigroes are a “complex minifigure species” according to Dr Fibbert Clayton, Head of the Emperor David University’s School of Evolutionary Anthropology. “The most amazing thing about these minifigures is their unique skin tones and skulls. The skulls are different from both the Classic Heads and Hole Head anatomical families. To the naked eye the skulls are clearly different but radiological scans show the differences are not confined to external superficial traits but are also present in the facet of the frontal and parietal bones”. The skulls type has been classified as “Sub Heads”.

Dr Clayton confirmed his team will announce to the scientific world the results of their studies on the tribe’s genetics and anatomical make-up later this month at a presentation to the Imperial Forum on Evolution. Among its findings is one expected to raise some controversy, a theory on the intelligence capacity or otherwise of negfigroes. With a smaller brain capacity to that of the yellowfig, a negfigroe’s capacity to learn, develop and compute complex problems has been questioned.