National Assets Management Agency established to raise funds for state

In an attempt to raise new badly needed funds to replenish the Empire’s empty coffers the Government has announced the formation of a new department, the National Assets Management Agency, or “Nama” for short.

Nama will operate a “Store” aimed at raising hard currency through export driven sales. The operation is primarily online based with the Store interface on the

The inclusion of minifigs in the “assets” up for sale has met with fierce criticism from some quarters with members of the opposition EDB and Communists calling it “trading in slavery”.

The Space Minifig Union is angry that 100s of minifigs from its ethnic group have been put on the market. SMU rep Captain Saam Mare has labelled this “ethnic cleansing”.

Nama chief Isaac Crutons was unapologetic, however.

“We need the cash to rebuild the Empire. Over spending in the noughties means we cannot afford to keep everyone. We have to prioritise the Empire over its current subjects for the future benefit of the nation and all subjects”.

Notable state assets up for grabs on the Store include security forces packs, farm accessories, nature and plant packs, rail track, and building essentials.

Store operator Nama will not charge for packaging and will ensure shipping costs are kept to a minimum confirmed Crutons.

Editorial Comment – Sale of State cows looks to be a mistake

The decision by the State to engage in the selling of key assets raises the question is the Empire in decline?

Although not agreeing with the hyperbole flying around the rags of the Capricas, Nama’s confirmation that cows are up for sale is worrying.

Do we have enough cows as it stands to feed our 2,000 subjects? Hardly. We rely on food imports for much of what we consume and so are in no position to flog assets that are of critical importance to the Empire.