Emperor made a Knight of the Grand Caprican Order despite rumoured lack of interest

The Emperor of the Legoland Empire has been awarded a KGCO by the rulers of the Caprican Empire. News of the honour surfaced after state broadcaster RTL reported that the Foreign Ministry was mulling over the offer before advising the Empire’s ruler on whether he should accept the title or not. It is understood however that the Emperor was not really given a choice and was sworn in as one of the Caprican Tsar’s Council of Ten without even knowing.

Emperor David, in his renowned authoritarian flamboyance, is expected to ignore some of the Order’s more unenticing acceptance conditions, one of which is understood to be the bizarre request to allow minifigs worship so-called “gods”.

This condition has ruffled some feathers in the government with cabinet ministers calling on the Emperor to reject the honour with the NBO’s Sir Ivory Laladey accussing the Tsar and Caprican
state of “extreme hubris”. “The Caprican Royal Family can rule themselves but they should keep their nose out of Legoland’s business. They aren’t welcome in these parts”, said Sir Laladey.

His comments were not universally accepted with celebrity Jesus calling the Caprican royals “a breath of fresh air”. Speaking in his hometown of Abbas, Jesus heaped praise on the Caprican royal family’s “effort in advancing minifig rights throughout the minifig world”. Jesus is now under house arrest.