Ministry figures confirms that the Empire crawled out of recession in late 2009

Gross Domestic Product (GDP) figures issued this evening by the Ministry of Finance’s State Economic Bureau have confirmed that the Legoland Empire is now no longer in recession having seen growth of just over 0.6% in the last two quarters.

However, at a press conference, Minister for Finance Godfrey Haylard refused to call an end to the recession, pointing out that much of the rise in GDP was attributed to profits from arms firms who have benefited greatly from the recent conflict in the troubled Castleland province.

Whether Legoland was out of recession or not was “a matter of semantics”, Mr Haylard said.

“The general picture shows that on a seasonally adjusted basis there is a levelling off in GDP but GNP continues to decline, albeit at a slower pace than it has in previous quarters. Contributing to the GDP increase in a fairly major way was growth in the military industrial complex,” he added.

Analysts also warned against declaring the end of what has been one of the worst recessions ever experienced in the Empire.

Any snippet of good news that the beleaguered NBO could capitalise on from the Ministry’s announcement was eclipsed tonight by a leaked memo between the Minister for the Interior and the Export Company construction firm, the company currently engaged by the state to construct the new parliament building in the capital.

The memo seems to show that the government have inquired as to whether a partial refund can be ascertained should they decide to scrap the building project. With the tax payer having already forked out over £250m, including £48m from the pockets of the 24 Serie A clubs, few minifigs would welcome this latest apparent massive waste of money.