Government denies Whitegate fiasco happened in show of stuttering propaganda

This afternoon’s official pronouncement by the state to scrap the new parliament building project has been passionately defended this evening by the Minister for Propaganda and Truth Dr Draco Gobble. Calling the government’s decision “inspirational”, Dr Gobble accused critics of the move as being “single-brained short-sighted morons”.

The state’s decision, now being dubbed “Whitegate” by the press, is expected to cost the taxpayer upwards of £200m and as such has come in for severe condemnation from opposition parties and independent media outlets. The popular view on the street is that the debacle is just the latest act of incompetence from the incumbent New Brick Order and perhaps the final straw.

The antipathy towards the NBO across the Empire is now palpable and appears to be increasing with each day. Indeed “serious civil unrest may not be far away”, according to the Minifig Times’ correspondent, Clayton Goodbody. “Imperial Stormtroopers were been deployed across the capital this evening to protect government sites in probably the smartest move by the state this year”.

Meanwhile the Ministry of Truth claims that the scrapping of the development “is a good thing” as it enables the state to reallocate significant resources across many construction projects yet still portray an aura of power to the international community.

“There is no doubt that the proposed parliament would have informed all nations that the Legoland Empire is number one”, Dr Gobbles told gathered journalists.

“Nevertheless, today’s excellent decision changes nothing. We already were the number one and still are. The bricks, baseplates and others resources freed up by the great General Secretary’s bold move will be to the benefit of the new capital as a whole, the great new city which shall be the symbol of our Empire’s grandeur and eminence. We should therefore thank our wise General Secretary Consensus whilst ignoring those morons who spout on about ‘Whitegate’, which is simply a figment of their elfin imagination”.