Council unveils proposals for capital redesign

The Legoland City and County Council has unveiled a number of plans for the complete redesign and redevelopment of Legoland City. The proposals, the work of a number of private engineering contractors retained by the Council, have gone on exhibition at Brickhall House.

Yet in a surprise move, the Council has confirmed that it is welcoming comments and suggestions from the general public.

Planning Department head Mr Cleanus Imagus spoke to the press.

“I warmly welcome comments from the public, positive or otherwise, on each or any of the suggestions that have been brought to the table. As part of the ongoing reforms I am spearheading, my department is now officially interested in public opinion. I am of the firm belief that the capital’s citizens can contribute to making a better city, if we listen to them.”

Mr Imagus’ innovative approach contrasts greatly to that of the former Planning Department chief Mr Acceptus Bribus who resigned from his post earlier this year following accusations that he was partial to so-called “brown paper envelopes”.  Mr Bribus infamously referred to the average figs on the street as “the brain-dead” and was also once quoted saying, “I refuse to entertain their views”.

All of the proposals on view for the redevelopment of the Empire’s foremost city include the demolition of the San Siro arena, built in 2006, and the draining of Legoland Bay. Another trait is the unparalleled amount of land committed to pedestrian zones. The common intention of all of these designs is to boost the space available for developers to construct public and corporate structures, the Council explained.

Mr Imagus sidestepped questions on the deteriorating public finances and on the funding of the massive project calling both issues “matters of government concern”. According to The Minifig Times’ Financial correspondent, Mr Totalus Moneyus, the state simply does not have the cash.

“Bearing this in mind, the Emperor’s 2006 decision to legalise slavery looks set to have been a moment of divine inspiration”

Mr Imagus also announced that he will seek approval from councilors in the coming days to reorganise the Legoland City and County Council into two separate and independent entities.

“The Capital Authority and the County Council will be two independent bodies focusing on providing for their own constituents’ needs. There will be areas of cooperation of course but in general the work of one will not require intervention by the other. This should speed up decision making and services provision” he said.