Legoland conquers multiple territories through diplomatic “intimidation”

The Emperor of Legoland has formally announced the creation of the ‘Third Legoland Empire’ encompassing the minifigs of the former Legoland Imperial Republic, Basicstan, Belvistan, Duplostan, Fabuland, Poopooland and Technic Republic.

Emperor David, addressed his subjects through state television broadcaster RTL in a carefully worded speech.

“Minifigs of Basicstan, Belvistan, Duplostan, Fabuland, Poopooland and Technic Republic, you are now citizens of the greatest empire in the history of minifigs” he said. “Today, the 29th June 2008, your leaders formally ceded power to the Government of the Third Legoland Empire and as such spared your minifig lives. Rejoice! Today is a great day.”

The end of the independence of the six states was decided earlier today when the leaders of the six former states admitted that they had “no chance” of repelling an armed invasion from Legoland. Taking this into account, they agreed to the annexation of their lands after assurances were given by Legoland to the saftey of themselves and their populations. Suggestions that the states were forced into giving up their independence through intimidation was strongly denied by General Secretary Obnoxious Consensus. “Minifigs should not suggest such things. We have a secret police force for minifigs who think like this, you know.”

The new flag of the Third Legoland Empire was unveiled today at a ceremony in Legoland City’s AKA Square. The flag incorporates the red circle of the flag of the former United Armed States of Legoland, the last great Legoland empire.