Urban council refuses planning permission for stadium of “inappropriate” size

The Legoland City and County Council have rejected by 8 votes to 2 the construction proposals submitted by the developers of the capital’s San Siro stadium.

The vote was held following submission by the Export Company construction firm, who have no links to the Legoland mafia, of design documents for a new 2000 minifigure capacity arena which the Council has labelled “inappropriate for the site”.

Councilor Mr Givus Abreakus called the Export Company’s design “monstrous and too damaging to the capital’s business and administration districts”.

“What the Export Company has proposed is a structure that will tower over some of Legoland City’s most notable landmarks including the Winter Palace. The huge stadium would eat further into land currently zoned for commercial purposes. There is not enough land available for such a stadium and so the Council has refused permission for the redevelopment”.

Reacting to the news, the Export Company CEO Mr Organius Crimus said he was “extremely disappointed” at the result.

“We will not change our basic designs”, he said, warning that “without a new football stadium, Legoland’s football league is in danger of being knocked off its pedestal”.

The Export Company are now rumoured to be considering building a brand new stadium in Marino, South Legoland City. No proposals to build a stadium in Marino have as yet been tabled but sources close to the firm suggest that one, “a Plan B”, will be submitted to the Council this evening. There is speculation that the recently redeveloped port and docklands could be relocated to North Legoland City with the flooding of land north of the June Bridge. Relocation of the docklands could free up 24 32×32 stud baseplates of land which could be assigned to a new arena.