Chief Justice assassination sends shockwaves across judical and political elite

The nation’s top judge, chief justice Judge Justice Dessertus, has been shot dead on the footsteps of the High Court in Legoland City centre this afternoon. Judge Dessertus was believed to be on his way home after completing his day’s work when a lone gunman approached and shot him multiple times in the chest and head killing the minifig instantly. The attacker was overpowered by police and arrested at the scene.

The killing, which follows yesterdays slaying of five police officers, has sparked widespread shock and condemnation amongst Legoland’s elite and caused some to call for the government to announce a state of emergency.

Anger and disbelief are even more pronounced as the murder comes just a day after Judge Dessertus’s personal police guard was increased following the revelation that he was on the Legoland Mafia’s death list. “We had six uniformed and two plain clothes police officers guarding him at all times but we can’t stop an attack like this”, said Empire Police detective Majorus Clueless.

The attacker’s identity currently remains unknown but the authorities are linking him to the Dalambinos. “We know that the victim was being targeted by the Dalambino crime family and so it is reasonable to suspect that the arrested minifig has links to them. He currently refuses to answer questions, however”, said detective Clueless.