Voluntary Bank of Legoland considers floatation on stock exchange

The nation’s largest private bank, the Voluntary Bank of Legoland, is debating internally whether to float on the stock exchange in a bid to raise funds for an assets buying spree.

Opening a new head office branch in Legoland City today, the bank’s chief executive, Miseus Moneyus, explained that the firm was investigating options available to source funds for major aquisitions of capital.

“We are hoping to raise in excess of £200m to be used to diversify our business and provide security for our customers. We will not rule out any options available to the bank, including a public floatation”.

The Legoland Times understands that the VOL Bank is looking to also move into the nation’s power, construction and sporting sectors in its bid to increase profits and stay ahead of its main rival, the Bank of Legoland.

Among the bank’s potential targets include the nation’s hydro-electrical power supplier PowerGen and the planned Beigestuds Tennis Club which is set to open in the last quarter of 2008. Although the VOL Bank remains profitable, it has struggled to keep down its advertising costs in recent years. The company currently has major advertising contracts in the football world sponsoring both the Legoland SuperLeague and Juventus football club.