Al-Medahyin pronounce Brickjan’s fate is sealed after PBR communications stall

Lt Brickjan was last shown alive in a video released by the shadowy group on Sunday

Lt Brickjan was last shown alive in a video released by the shadowy group on Sunday

In a statement issued to the Minifig Times the Al-Medahyin militant group has declared that captured PBR pilot Lt Greg Brickjan will be executed after communications collapsed between the parties involved.

Citing PBR’s “aggressive and intransigent stance” the group blamed the PBR leadership for “purposely engineering conflict through its indefensible backing of Davidium oppression and unwillingness to support freedom of religious practice”.

The bleak news dashed hopes that a resolution could be found between the Castleland-Basicstan based group and the foreign state to save the minifigure’s studs. The Al-Medahyin announcement if true indicates little appetite for any negotiations on the part of the PBR elite.

This would mirror recent PBR statements to that effect with member of the House of Senate Leslie Anne quoted on Sunday as saying “let me be clear, PBR does not negotiate”.

In the place of dialogue PBR president Bob King is has ordered the mobilisation of all class C Reservists which comprises members of the police, National Guard and fire departments. Peaceful resolution indeed does not seem on the cards.

Political commentator Dr Hubert Groons of the Emperor David University told the Minifig Times that the PBR is at risk of falling into an impossible war to win and one which Al-Medahyin seeks.

“Drawing the PBR and other countries into a war with Davidium in which they should have no part to play appears to be a covert stratagem that the Medahyeen are employing in order to destabilise international politics and garnish massive propaganda appeal.”

“Davidium will not tolerate foreign military actions within the Empire and Al-Medahyin know this. They are therefore in effect being protected by their sworn enemy. In any case the group has no military installations, is extremely mobile and unlike the Legoban operates through small underground cells making engagement extremely difficult.”

Dr Groons added that the recent developments have boosted the Al-Medahyin group’s exposure and therefore its strength.

“The use of the captured PBR pilot as a bargaining chip has played on the emotions of thousands of minifigs worldwide and grabbed the attention of the world media. This in turn has propelled Al-Medahyin from relative obscurity riding on the coattails of the Legoban into the limelight. This will no doubt lead to a surge in support from the disaffected masses in the Empire’s far-flung region and new recruits.”

“Although the Legoban has some similar traits, at the crux of Al-Medahyin is a militancy based on ideology and not geography. This threat of ‘home-grown’ radicals emerging in the PBR is real as not all minifigures there will agree with their state’s actions. The PBR is not alone in facing this quandary.”