‘Humbled’ Deeds honoured by the Empire, appointed head of Foreign Office

Deeds said he had been polishing his possessions

Deeds said he had been polishing his possessions

Describing it as the “best day of my life”, Fred Deeds was made a subject of the crown and appointed to head up the Ministry of Government’s Foreign Office in a special ceremony held by the military junta last night.

Now possessing the equivalent of full citizenship, there was no legal hindrances to Deeds’ appointment, nor were the junta anticipated to take heed of simple legalities in any case. Nonetheless, the bestowing upon him of his new status is expected to severely ruffle feathers in Williams City, capital of Deeds’ homeland, the PBR.

That, followed up with his appointment to the single office in government that engages most with other players on the world stage was without doubt intentionally designed to send reverberations across the world’s bows.

Gleefully parading his new-found power, and prized-possession, Deeds spoke amid the whos-who of the military junta and their families which attended the ceremony in full pomp and unabashed displays of wealth. The busy fig was however keen to have a word with the media.

“This is truly the best day of my life. I thought perhaps it was the second best but on further thinking it is the best. Although a great night personally I do sincerely thank you for focusing on the important matters in peoples lives. And that’s Lego. No matter where we are coming from, whether its the violent slums that are Williams City or calm, progressive Davidium, I think we all agree that minifigs need a bigger slice of the Lego pie. I plan on exporting this pie.”