Deeds seeks to calm waters confirming his intention not to violate international law

The Legopolis government's protests have seemingly halted the aid delivery

The Legopolis government’s protests have seemingly halted the aid delivery but not Deeds’ hopes

Foreign Secretary Fred Deeds has explained to reporters that the Legopolis government has nothing to fear from Legoland as its aid plan for Ancarta has purely philanthropic motives.

The minifig said that the Empire would not proceed unless it had backing from within the Federation but it was his hope that this could be garnished as both countries remained on “extremely friendly terms”.

“What you read in the papers is never the full story. We have a strong relationship with the Federation which is not a surprise considering we’re both pursuing the same objectives.”

These objectives, he noted, were “economic expansion and wealth generation in a secure, controlled world.” To realise these meant that for both powers, peaceful cooperation was paramount.

He added a sweetener announcing that the Empire was lifting all remaining sanctions on the Federation with immediate effect.

Deeds’ comments came just hours after the Federation of Legopolis issued an open letter to the governments of a number of influential countries in the region.

The letter accused Legoland of having “imperialistic tendencies” and of violating Federation sovereignty and international law should it proceed with the delivery of minifigitarian aid to Ancarta’s forsaken population.

Deeds however did not agree with the letter’s content which he filed under “capital M for misunderstanding”.

“To claim that we’d wittingly prevent inspections of aid shipments is simply false. We have no issues with inspections. I would like to add that our minifigitarian mission is intended to deliver much needed food and medical supplies to non-combatant minifigs only. We have no intention of supporting anti-government forces in Ancarta whom we believe are part of the problem, not the solution”.

Whether Deeds’ diplomatic message will be entertained by the administration in the City of Legopolis remains to be seen. The Minifig Times can confirm that the intended aid programme appears suspended with no aid trucks reportedly dispatched to transit hubs.