Civil engineers and brick suppliers celebrate as first brick-built road successfully laid

The roads are using up a lot of Bley bricks

The roads are using up a lot of expensive Bley bricks

Construction firm the Export Company, which won the untendered contract to build the first brick-built roads, has called on the state to retro-fit all existing roads after what it termed “completion of a successful trial”.

The company, the Empire’s largest private firm, confirmed completion of the first test roads for Davidium’s latest district on 7th October. The new thoroughfares are expected to be open to commuter traffic by the month’s end.

The roads themselves are 13 ⅓ bricks in width, constructed on part of a modular 32² stud base which itself is laid on a 7-brick foundation topped off with a plate layer. This design, the Export Company asserted, eliminates “stud wastage” through narrowed roads and road surface markings.

Calling on the government to progress the project, the Export Company said funding should be sourced as soon as possible with a contract awarded likewise.

Responding to the appeal however, the Capital Authority said that funds “were already available” and that the project was being scoped out with the Ministry of Development. The authority would however “not be rushed by anyone”.