AmpLED Electronics secures services contract and bright future with light tech

Technology start-up firm AmpLED Electronics has announced it has been awarded a multi-million pound contract to roll-out road lighting and traffic signalling units across Davidium. At the company’s head offices CEO Albus Moore confirmed the Capital Authority had agreed to procure their services to implement the state-of-the-art technology.

“We’ll soon have safer streets and be more civilised”, Moore claimed adding that “the country has immediately propelled itself into being the forerunner in science and innovation”.

Moore was keen to avoid giving his company’s secrets away but did confirm that “it involves wires and flowing electrons in the same way LEGO trains work”.

Moore’s positive comments were echoed by the Capital Authority who justified their move to waste public money by stating that over 85% of night-time traffic accidents were due to poor lighting. “This abhorrent statistic should evaporate overnight once lights are installed” the council said.

It is envisaged that the street lights and traffic signals will be rolled-out first in new areas of Davidium with the retrofitting of existing districts carried out in 2015.

Shares in both PowerGen and 9VB Energy rose sharply following the news.