Coup leadership introduces itself in televised public address to the Empire

General Amun declared himself "the Lord"

General Amun declared himself “the Lord”

In a televised public address to the subjects of the Empire, the “Committee of National Restoration” unveiled itself as the new holders of power in the Empire with General Charles Amun its head.  Identifying himself as “the Lord”, although acknowledging Emperor David as the “definitive lord without the definite article”, Amun explained that the military had seized power to, as he put it, “save the Realm from corruption and myopic civilian officials.”

He expanded to justify the February coup d’état with a strange analogy with minifig oral health.

“The Hall of Minifigs, notwithstanding the façade of a quasi-principled body, was akin to harmful plaque on a giant tooth. The medicinal requirement for the Empire was to brush this plaque away through the use of a powerful brush. We are that brush.”

Amun reaffirmed previous state news broadcasts that the introduction of martial law across the country following the power grab was “a continued requirement whilst minifig security was at risk.”

“Martial law is required to ensure that the removal of all powers from the previous executive, legislative, and judicial branches of government is carried out with peace on the streets. The suspension of civil law and impractical minifig rights is necessary for the Committee to rebuild the Empire quickly whilst maintaining peace and order.”

Amun lashed out at the junta’s detractors both within the Empire’s borders and beyond.

“Those who resist the removal of corrupt bodies are themselves corrupt. International media organisations who continue a campaign to sully the reputation of the Committee of National Restoration or its members are enemies of the Empire and will face the consequences of their actions. We will assist those who aid us in our cleansing operations and extinguish those who do not.”

Reaction to the broadcast replaced a sense of fear of the unknown with fear of the known for many minifigs who spoke with the Minifig Times under condition of anonymity.

Emperor David is busy "house-hunting"

The Emperor is reportedly busy “house-hunting”

“We now know a lot more about these guys are and clearly they’re wackos. We can’t even walk the streets anymore with these excessive curfews in place. We appeal to the international community and to the Emperor to come to our help.”

Whether those words will be entertained in the world’s capitals remains to be seen. As for the Emperor, he is understood to have recently being “up to his studs” house-hunting and was not taking calls.