Prime Minister confirms resignation while leaving hospital wheelchair bound

A frail Mr Haliday is helped by aides into an awaiting wheelchair

A frail Mr Haliday is helped by aides into an awaiting wheelchair

Prime Minister Julian Haliday has left the Davidium Imperial Hospital this evening 11 weeks after falling ill following confirmed Polonium-210 poisoning.

The minifig, clearly frail from his ordeal, spoke briefly to the media outside the hospital grounds before being ushered away in an awaiting government convoy. His few words were dramatic however has he confirmed his decision to stand down as leader of the Hall of Minifigs and head of the Effective Minifigure Union party.

“I would like to thank all the doctors at this fine hospital and to those from all political sways who supported my family and I through these weeks. I will be moving to pastures anew with the Emperor accepting my resignation as Prime Minister of the Empire. I believe Marius Hanibal has been running things smoothly whilst I have been away from office and he has my full confidence that he can steer the ship through this much needed transition. Thank you.”

It is understood that both the EMU and Communist Party will need to agree a new Prime Minister, subject to the Emperor’s approval. In the interim Communist Party leader Marius Hanibal will act as PM in a caretaker role.

Sources close to Haliday indicate that the minifig has permanently quit political life and will not be coming back.

Empire Police have admitted they have no leads as to who or whom were responsible for the poisoning of Haliday.