Offices of the Mr Prints Group raided by police under orders from the Ministry of Truth

Work at the news agency has been disrupted by the development.

Work at the news agency has been disrupted by the development.

The offices of the parent company of the Minifig Times have this morning been raided by the police under direct orders from the Ministry of Truth.

The move came after the news agency published a photograph that appeared to show former PBR president William Brik alive with the accompanying story alluding to the involvement of Fred Deeds, PBR’s newly elected head of state, in the kidnapping of the previously missing fig.

Officers from the Empire Police were seen this lunchtime removing dozens of boxes full of documentation from the news group’s head offices off Minifig Times Square. The authorities have refused to comment on the action.

The Minifig Times can confirm that the newspaper’s Editor-in-chief Helena Joyce has stepped aside. Her position will be filled by a review committee of minifigs hand-picked by the Ministry.

All anti-brick propaganda pieces from Legopolis closedthinker and notorious fugitive Chuck Charles, who is top of the Mind Police’s most wanted criminalfigs list, have been removed from the website after numerous protests at the minifigs’ writings were received by the public.