Major construction project finally begins in the developing nation of Midgar

After months of preparation the site for the new district of the Midgar capital has been unveiled and building works have begun in earnest the government of the Midgar nation has announced.

The Emperor of Midgar some months ago announced that the capital city would be expanded through the acquisition of new lands and he has held firm on his promise. Plans for the development of a new harbour, which were also first announced a number of months ago, have also been achieved with the Midgar port now in operation. A major reason for the port’s development is believed to be the Emperor’s desire to expand his own personal fortune through strategic investments.

The first cargo shipment for the new harbour was a legendary one for the city as dozens of containers filled with window parts were unloaded at the docks to be used in the capital’s redevelopment. Minifigs from all over the city came to see the deliveries and hope oneday the city will be a window rich land.

Construction of the new district of Midgar City is been led by two of the building firms, one the Midgar Future Company and the other an unnamed competitor. Both are vying to impress the Midgar ruler and his minifigs by designing the capital’s best buildings with the aim of securing lucrative contracts from the state in the future.

Reports suggest that the anonymous company is currently leading the race to impress as the Midgar Future Company, owned by businessfig Ali the Builder, is yet to commence work. “Nobody knows why they are not building, maybe they don’t have any money?” asked an interviewed minifig.

In other totally unrelated news, tension between Midgar and Gonza increased today after an arrest of a minifig in Midgar City. The minifigs, who was seen taking photographs of a military base is accused by the Midgar authorities of spying for Gonza. Speaking to the press, the Midgar police said the minifig was found with Gonza military clothes and a Gonza passport. An angry Emperor of Midgar met with the Gonza ruler to ask what the minifig was doing in his city but was told “that was his own business”.

Gonza and Midgar have extremely poor relations after a previous declaration of war on the world by Gonza. Midgar’s assault on the rogue state resulted in counter attacks on Midgar city and The Black Day when Gonza air forces pounded Midgar’s capital to rubble.