The Legoland Times is back up and running confirms company’s owner Mr Prints

Owner of The Legoland Times, Mr Prints, has confirmed that the news agency has reopened and is “back to normal” after over a month of disruptive industrial action which culminated last week with the dismissal of the entire group’s workforce.

In an interview with the RTE state television network Mr Prints expressed his delight that The Legoland Times would once again be filling up shops with a mixture of quality news and far-fetched stories.

“It’s just in time for Christmas”, Mr Prints said adding that the return of the paper is like a “gift from Santa”. It is understood that Mr Prints may have had to rehire a number of the dismissed staff to get the printing press rolling again but he refused to comment on this speculation stating “I refuse to comment on this speculation”.

Asked whether he was planning anything special for the festive season the entrepreneur confirmed that he would be “taking it easy” and “dropping into Legoland Stores to buy some pizzas and cigs”.