The Legoland Times sacks all general staff following industrial dispute

The Legoland Times, owned by the admirable Mr Prints, has announced tonight that the newspaper has fired all of its general staff following the industrial dispute which has halted publication of the paper for the last number of weeks.

Mr Prints was furious at workers for their wildcat strike which hit the printing press following Mr Prints’ reasonable and understandable criticism of the editor Revealus Ethos.

Mr Prints rightfully criticised Mr Ethos after the unreasonable and ill-informed editor sanctioned publication of a poorly written article entitled “Emperor Fucks Up In Exam”.

The story, which was pulled off the paper’s website immediately following the admirable Mr Prints’ notice, concerned reports that the supreme ruler of Legoland, Emperor David, had failed a computer networking exam. The author of the story, sacked journalist Infamous Scriptus, claimed that the Emperor “should spend more time inspecting his notes than inspecting troops”.

The Legoland Times printing offices on the outskirts of Legoland City have now been shut and the publisher is actively recruiting staff to get the printing presses rolling as soon as possible. Highly motivated unemployed bums should contact The Legoland Times Minifig Resources (MR) department to express their interest in an unpaid post.