Inter Balen


Inter Balen have in recent seasons put an end to the consecutive regulations and promotions that blighted the team in the first half of the noughties. Indeed the pattern of ups and downs earned the franchise the undesirable moniker, the Yoyos.

The yo-yo-ing saw the club incapable of building up an experienced squad and in 2007 the lack of progress led long-term patron Helix Legoda throw in the towel in frustration. With the financial backing of Legoda Motors now resting with to Emperor Eagles, Inter were left in the lowly hands of the relatively poor Emissam Ittarum. Ittarum’s number one priority was to instill some consistency in the team’s seasonal performances and avoid the drop.

On 7th February 2010 the club announced an agreement had been reached to merge with Serie B side Inter Legoland. The merger took place on 2 May 2010, the day after the final day of the 2009/2010 season. On that day the two clubs formally adopted the new name, Inter ABS, which was subsequently augmented to include the name of the Archangel quarter of Balen.

Now the city of Archangel’s undisputed top side following Archangel’s collapse in 2008, the Serpents are consolidating under the guidance of Alan McManus who took over the club in July 2010 in a £90m deal. The purchase was the most expensive in Legoland football history.


Founded: 1994
Based: Balenium
Ground: Serpentfield Park (500 seats)
Owner: Alan McManus
Sponsor: The Minifig Times


LFA Cup (03-04)
Derby Cup (95-96)