Legoland and the UPBR sign massive £34bn energy deal

Legoland's energy crisis has deepened following a slump in oil production in the Basicstan province

Legoland’s energy crisis has deepened following a slump in oil production in the Basicstan province

The State has confirmed an agreement to procure 380m barrels of crude oil per annum from the UPBR has been rubber-stamped in Williams City by the Donald Technic administration and representatives of the Empire.

The notional £34.2bn deal will see the State pay a price of ₵30 per barrel in the first of a 3 year contract. The cost per barrel will be reviewed on an annual basis by the UPBR but annual prices reductions or increases capped at a maximum 15%. This could in effect see Legoland pay anything between £29.3bn and £39.5bn during the contract term.

The huge deal, which has dwarfed any previous State expenditure, is a clear attempt by Davidium to shore up Legoland’s energy shortfall with a quick fix but the move has been met with an equal measure of concern and disbelief in some notable quarters.

At such a high cost many academics believe strains on the State coffers are all but inevitable and could lead to serious problems. This coupled with the unreliability of Donald Technic’s mind could see something bad go real bad.

To achieve the supply commitment the UPBR will need to construct the world’s longest pipeline to bring oil over land to the Empire’s province of Manchurin. It is thought the Empire will require a pipeline of its own that may need to match or surpass this to run from Manchurin to the Paradistan port of Acreales from where tankers will ship the majority to the city of Balenium.

To this end the UPBR has carried out a further baseplate grab, seizing a large corridor of land.

International reaction to the news varied. In the UPBR the media has generally welcomed the agreement as a major boost to the UPBR economy. In the Federation of Legopolis the news was greeted with disappointment by the oil industry there with CEO of the largest oil and gas company in the Federation, Leoco, Tyler Rex, saying “I ain’t gonna try and sugarcoat it, we’re real disappointed.”