Council flat occupants living in a gold mine as doors going for millions on black-market

Residents of one of the capital’s most notable high density complexes plan to take the Capital Authority to court after the council began removing doors previously deemed of little value but now worth millions on the international underground brick market.

The local resident’s group has complained that the council removed front doors from 16 units of the Myplan Flats 2 weeks ago and have not replaced them with anything. “It’s totally unacceptable, it’s not even Summer”, exclaimed one occupant who wish to remain anonymous.

It has since emerged that the Capital Authority has since sold 2 of the doors to separate international brick dealers for a combined £40m. The news has angered many of the residents of the run-down estate who claim they should receive some of the money from the windfall.

The Empire Police have since moved in to “protect” the flat’s remaining 32 doors which have an estimated black-market value of £640m.