Fleshies’ help available but not wanted as Ministry not seeking help from “lower ‘fig forms”

It may have been an offer of kindness from the minifigs of the PBR to send their national army to Legoland to bolster Empire forces in the event of military action from Caprica. The offer was today firmly rejected by the Ministry of Peace.

Ministry official Pius Ferdinand read a brief statement to the press explaining that the Empire would not be seeking assistance from what he termed “lower ‘fig forms”.

The Ministry’s stance is not too surprising despite shocking some international minifig rights groups.

In June 2008 the State passed a law that forbid Fleshies and Stupid Heads from gracing many parts of the Empire, including most districts of the capital. The law is still widely supported by the majority of Lego minifigs. Ferdinand did have the courtesy, however, to thank the PBR for what labelled their “good intentions”.