Legoda unveils new automobile division with launch of General Brick Motors

Automobile giant Legoda has announced the formation of a new car manufacturing division to be called General Brick Motors.

GBM will specialise in the production of cheap cars aimed at the average minifig and is being seen by analysts in the sector as the Legoda Group’s response to the newly created Legobishi-Legohatsu Group. Legoda’s managing director, Delirious Autobus, announced the appointment of Ludicrous Bonus as the division’s new acting MD. “We trust this will be a long and healthy relationship between Legoda and the GBM subsidiary”, Mr Autobus said.

Market analysts at the Sarafield Research Group have suggested that such a relationship will only remain strong if GBM achieves what it is clearly designed to do, prevent the Legobishi-Legohatsu Group from eating significantly into Legoda’s dominance of the Lego car scene.

“If Mr Bonus cannot bring in the cash early on at the detriment of Legobishi-Legohatsu, the whole thing could end in tears and with the subsiduary’s collapse”, said Doctor Biggus Decisionus.

He added, “minifigs nowadays want quality and affordability in one. Minifigs are demanding that cars contain luxury add-ons such as steering wheels and breaks, stuff that car firms were not required to provide in the 1990s”. This he said, is “certainly driving up costs”. Depending on who, GBM or Legobishi-Legohatsu, can provide these at a cheaper retail price, will likely decide both firms future fortunes, he warned.