Shootout in Masterson leaves 7 gang members dead

The killings took place inside a warehouse in Masterson

Seven members of the Shaven Heads organised crime gang have been gunned down at a warehouse in Masterson with a number of others suffering serious wounds.

Empire Police sources confirmed that the bloodbath occurred during a failed drugs deal between the Shaven Heads and members of another gang that was ambushed by a third group believed to be the Medalin based Plate Cartel.

The latest gun attack is part of a growing turf war between the Legoland Mafia, now under the control of the Plate Cartel, and Davidium’s two largest resident crime syndicates, the Hole Heads Clan and the Shaven Heads. All are fighting for control of the capital’s lucrative drug market.

Drug gangs have flooded Davidium’s recenly built high-density estates with cheap drugs hooking many addicts

The dramatic proliferation of illicit narcotics onto the streets of major cities in recent months as led to a drugs epidemic which has spread eastwards from the Basicstan Basin into the Dacium and Caucus provinces. The splurge in drug availability is been blamed on the Legoban’s fervent plantation of coca and poppy fields in the territories it governs. The Cleriphate’s ruler, Grand Cleric Ullah Abbas, however denounced such accusations as “sinister theories based on lies”.

The Plate Cartel

Also known as the Medalin Cartel due to their city of Medalin origins, the Plate Cartel is the most dangerous organised crime organisation in Legoland according to the most recent Empire Police Report on Serious and Organised Crime. Under the guidance of boss Draco ‘The Iron’ Martins the Cartel is believed to have supplanted the Dalambino Family sometime in 2015 as head of the Legoland Mafia. The Mafia itself formed in the late 1980s and by 1991 dominated Legoland’s criminal underworld. It is understood to now comprise 3 “families”, the Plate Cartel, the Davidium based Dalambinos and the Balenium Cartel.

Having seen its share of the narcotics trade fall in the last decade as rivals claimed chunks of the Davidium market, the group has in effect declared war on all non-affiliated groups to reverse its fortunes.

In response to the killings in Masterson the State reiterated its zero tolerance stance on organised crime and announced that new measures against criminal enterprises will be introduced “in the short-term”.

Security analysts have speculated that further efforts will be put into tackling the money-laundering operations of the criminal empires. It is believed that up to 30% of all money in Davidium may be “dirty money” according to the State Economic Bureau which has to be ‘cleaned’ in one way or the other.

Meanwhile Commissioner of Police Carl Forde told reporters that the Masterson killings would not go unsolved and that the law would be upheld, even in cases of gangland murders.

“We’ll get them. Just you watch,” said Forde.