lego-soccer-shirts-unitedHow it works

The LFA SuperLeague is built upon the CMLFA platform which utilises the game engine of the 1997 PC game Championship Manager. This engine simulates games and transfer activity between teams as well as the development evolution of teams, players and managers over time.

With all players and managers having ratings based on their abilities, these, along with other factors such as current form, tactics and team stability contribute to how teams perform.

Teams earn revenues from television contracts, sponsorship deals, ticket sales and prize monies, funds which can be invested by a team’s board of management with the aim of improving the playing staff or team infrastructure.

How do I manage my team?

There are currently 2 options available to manage an LFA SuperLeague team. The first option is the default management option whereby no human involvement is required. With this option the CMLFA game engine controls the team’s board of management for you. This board of management monitors the team’s performance and determines whether the manager (head coach) currently in-charge should stay in-charge.

The manager will select team formations, match-day line-ups and substitutions and importantly player purchases and sales (subject to board of management approval). With this option, you as the team’s human owner have no day-to-day tasks to do, just sit back and watch the results come in.

Where this option has been selected there remains one key area in which you have key influence and that is that at any time you can dismiss the team’s manager. You can however not determine his  replacement as this decision taken by the board of management alone. Nevertheless, should you not be uninspired by their appointment you can of course press the employment termination button again and again as required.

The second options involves the day-to-day managing of the team, selecting preferred line-ups and approving/rejecting all transfer activity. This option is available for club owners to ‘activate’ at any time during the season but requires that you are able to run the LFA SuperLeague 2.0 CMLFA on a local PC.

Once activated, the manager of your club is in effect replaced with yourself. You can get sacked by your own board and in the event that this happens you will be immediately re-added into the game.

Managing via this option is relatively cumbersome and requires that you upload the latest gameweek’s files to your local game to enable you to open and view the season in-dept, including fixtures, past results, league tables, player tables, players and player abilities, finances, managerial performances amongst other things. Having done this you can email back any transfer bids and player line-outs for the upcoming game.


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