Established in 2007, Verdy made their Serie A debut in 2011 under the guidance of a new owner, the ruler of the Kingdom of Playmobil, King Brunelesky. The young monarch abandoned his failing venture at Louisville Minifigs for Verdy where he has since endeared himself to its fans by putting his money where his mouth is.

Verdy had made history by being the first club to earn four consecutive promotions, resulting in swapping Serie E football in 2007 with Serie A football in 2011. The meteoric rise gave the team its nickname, the Climbers.

King Brunelesky’s initial desire for personal fame and hero status continues. The king has invested a significant portion of his personal fortune into the team. His investments for the 2012-2013 season alone stood at the princely sum of £25m.


Founded: 2007
Based: Ramses
Ground: Sky Parks (489 seats)
Owner: King Brunelesky
Sponsor: La Sal


LFA Cup (12-13)