Segasonic Snowfalls


Segasonic Snowfalls were formed in 1994 in Castleland’s border settlement, Imperia. Due to their location, on the border with ND Land, the team adopted duel Legoland – ND Land status later in the year and represented themselves in both domestic leagues.

The club’s ND Land ties were further cemented in August 1999 with the takeover of the franchise by the brother of the Emperor of Legoland and ruler of the Kingdom of ND Land, King Noel. The wily minifigure stayed at the helm of the Sonics for over 7 years overseeing the team land their first piece of silverware with the LFA Cup win in 2006.

Disillusioned with the lack of progress in the league saw King Noel end his long connection with the Sonics by selling the club to ND Land business guru Victoria Sega in a 2007 deal shrouded in financial controversy.


Founded: 1994
Based: Imperium
Ground: Sega Field Park (575 seats)
Owner: Victoria Sega
Sponsor: McStuds


LFA Cup (05-06)